Frequently we are asked questions about the following items - a generalised answer is given below. Please contact us to receive information more pertinent to your situation.

When do I have to file my income tax return?
If you have an extension of time, generally your tax return is due by 31st March of the following income tax year.

Should I register for GST?
If your turnover/sales are more than $60,000 per year, then you must be registered for GST. However some with less income may wish to receive GST refunds.

Why didn't I receive a tax refund?
A tax refund is only received if you have paid too much tax. Any losses may be carried forward to future years to offset income then.

Why did I receive a penalty?
Penalites are incurred due to late filing and or late payment. If a payment arrangement has been made with IRD penalties are generally ceased.

Can I pay off my tax in installments?
A payment arrangement may be allowed by Inland Revenue - generally over one year or less.