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Tax Compliance

New Zealand law can be daunting. We can take care of your GST, Fringe Benefit Tax, Payroll, (including all deductions from employee earnings) and Income Tax.

Including business income,investment income (FIF's & PIE's), trust income and dividends. Financial Statements and Tax Returns can be prepared for all industries.

Tax Changes Effective from 1 April 2017

Minimum wage - this has increased to $15.75

Contractors - If you are a contractor or you employ contractors please ensure that an IR330C has been completed.  Contractors are now able to elect for different withholding tax rates with the lowest being 10%.  Please be aware though that if you elect the low rate you may well have a tax liability at year end that you have not allowed for.  Please follow our link under News

Motor Vehicles - Companies may now elect to claim a deduction based on business use rather than paying FBT.  This uses actual costs and involves keeping a log book.  Please call us to discuss the required criteria.  the mileage rates now also operate on a two tier system and the 5000k threshold has been removed.