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The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is about to crack down on tax debt after a period of much-needed compassion post-COVID. They are now actively pursuing those with outstanding taxes.

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PAYE and KiwiSaver payments are the first priority

Are your PAYE and employee KiwiSaver payments up-to-date? Hopefully, the answer is yes! If not, you're the number one target on the IRD’s list.

Over the past five years, outstanding PAYE and employee KiwiSaver payments have doubled. Without these payments, your employees miss out on crucial – and compounding – gains that contribute to their retirement nest egg.

If you think you might be behind on your payments, please get in contact. We can work out a resolution with the IRD on your behalf. The sooner this is addressed, the better. The longer you leave it, the more the penalty payments will mount up!

Other areas of focus 

Other tax concerns that have fallen under the tough-love approach include:

  • High earners trying to avoid paying the new 39% tax rate using companies and trusts

  • Ute owners who avoid paying Fringe Benefit Tax

  • Real Estate agents overstating their expenses or under-reporting their income

  • GST on land purchases by developers

  • Phoenix companies that are shut down and restarted to avoid tax debts

If you owe tax, be proactive about it!

The team at Inland Revenue are extremely helpful and understanding. If you fail to contact them – and ask for assistance – they are powerless. It’s important to note that the longer you leave it to reach out, the fewer your options are. If you front-foot the issue and engage as soon as you know things have spiralled, you can put a plan in place to regain control.

Helping you understand and manage your tax obligations is our top priority. We know that it is a minefield of jargon and loopholes. We are always more than happy to sit down and walk you through the details, discuss your options or work with the IRD on your behalf.

IRD Tax Recovery: Text
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